Where have all the young Italian opera singers gone?

(K. Brent Tomer),

IN JANUARY the Royal Opera House announced the new slate of Jette Parker artists. With its five year-long positions, the Jette Parker Young Artist programme is a sought-after destination among emerging opera stars. Of the winners this year, not a single singer from Italy won a spot. Indeed, the home country of opera was not even among the applicants’ five most common home countries. The top spots were instead taken by America, Britain, South Korea, Russia and Australia.

“There just aren’t many young Italian singers around,” says David Gowland, the programme’s artistic director. Of the Jette Parker’s 440 applicants for this year’s position, only 18 were from Italy. Last year, Italians were also meagrely represented among the applicants, and none won a spot. The scenario repeated itself at last year’s Cardiff Singer of the World competition, which featured an impressive range of nationalities, including one singer from the Democratic Republic of Congo and three from South Korea. At the Operalia Competition last year, another Wimbledon of the opera trade, the finals featured one South Korean and two South Africans along with Americans,…Continue reading

via K. Brent Tomer CFTC Where have all the young Italian opera singers gone?


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