Training the eye

(K. Brent Tomer),

First sculpt your mound

THIRTY years ago, outdoor sculpture in Britain was chiefly classical statuary ornamenting a private landscaped garden (complete with ha-ha) or the odd Henry Moore. Now people are driving hundreds of miles out of their way in search of it. From the exquisite New Art Centre at Roche Court near Salisbury to the biennial selling exhibition at Asthall Manor outside Oxford, sculpture parks are the hot new British summer destination, combining culture with bracing fresh air. The three most important are the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) near Wakefield, Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh and the Cass Sculpture Foundation in West Sussex. In contrast to YSP, which is publicly funded, Jupiter Artland and Cass are private ventures—but based on very different models.

At YSP a massive stainless-steel sculpture of a camel’s pelvis gleams in the sunshine. Clever siting of the piece—part of a solo show of work by Not Vital, a Swiss artist—ensures that the visitor’s eye is drawn not only to the sculpture itself, but also through it to the landscape beyond, an essential element if you are thinking of creating a…Continue reading

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