“Fleabag”: television’s newest anti-hero

(K. Brent Tomer),

THE protagonist of “Fleabag” can’t stand earnest sex. She charges customers £12.55 for a cheese sandwich in her failing café. She steals her stepmother’s art, masturbates to videos of Barack Obama and wonders whether her arsehole is unusually large.

With a central character this profane, “Fleabag” is not to everyone’s taste. Written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the six episodes follow the titular character as she stumbles through life, trying to revive her guinea-pig themed business and mourning her dead best friend. She finds validation in gratuitous sex with loathsome men with bad teeth. She relishes the strained encounters with her distant, repressed father and passive-aggressive stepmother. She dutifully attends feminist lectures with her sister who is “uptight, beautiful and probably anorexic”. 

Released on Amazon on September 16th and available in Britain on BBC3, “Fleabag” is part of a new wave of provocative, anti-hero comedy written by and about women. There has long been a scarcity of women writing for the screen; a 2016 study by the Centre for the Study of Women in Film and Television found that 29% of…Continue reading

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