Werner Herzog marvels at the internet

(K. Brent Tomer),

IF someone were to burn onto CDs the data transmitted worldwide on any given day, and then stack them up, the pile would stretch to Mars and back. The character and meaning of this astonishing output—and its bearing on humankind—is the subject of Werner Herzog’s latest documentary, “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World”.

To contend with a phenomenon as astounding as the internet, the director starts at the beginning. As the camera roves around the “repulsive” corridors of a UCLA campus, Mr Herzog’s distinctive voice-over explains that here, sequestered in a humdrum side office, is “some sort of shrine”: the wardrobe-sized computer that sent the first digital message in 1969. The message was just two letters—“lo”—as the full and rather more banal instruction (“login”) did not get through because the receiving computer in Stanford crashed. From these humble origins, Mr Herzog explains, came one of the biggest revolutions in human history: the digital age.

Now aged 74, Mr Herzog has directed more than 70 feature films, documentaries and shorts, including…Continue reading

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