“The Children” is another triumph for Lucy Kirkwood

(K. Brent Tomer),

IN THE wake of a disaster at the reactor where they worked, two 60-something engineers are living out their autumn years in a cottage on the English coast. “Retired people are like nuclear power stations. We like to live by the sea,” says Hazel. She hopes that her routine of yoga and attention to facial hair will keep her young indefinitely. Her husband Robin, meanwhile, goes off every day into the exclusion zone to tend to his radioactive cows. This mix of the mundane and the apocalyptic is the backdrop of Lucy Kirkwood’s new play, “The Children”. 

Ms Kirkwood, a 32-year-old from east London, started her theatre career while at Edinburgh University with “Grady Hot Potato” in 2005. She has since been touted as a writer to watch. But it was “Chimerica” (2013), a play exploring the communist regime in China and its relationship with the West, which won her widespread recognition and critical acclaim (including an Olivier for best new play). It had a story spanning continents, a 12-strong cast and an elaborately-designed set. “The…Continue reading

via K. Brent Tomer CFTC “The Children” is another triumph for Lucy Kirkwood


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