Tim Winton’s Australian memoir

(K. Brent Tomer),

The Boy Behind the Curtain: Notes from an Australian Life. By Tim Winton. Picador; 300 pages; £16.99.

AUSTRALIA has no shortage of celebrated novelists. The best among them have often written about the distant past. Peter Carey twice won the Man Booker prize for fiction, both times for stories of the colonial era. Richard Flanagan and Thomas Keneally received the same award for tales about the second world war. But few Australians have chronicled contemporary small-town life as thoughtfully as Tim Winton. His writing is to Western Australia’s coastline what Thomas Hardy’s was to the valleys of Wessex.

“The Boy Behind the Curtain” is not Mr Winton’s first memoir: he described the places that shaped his life in “Land’s Edge” (1993) and “Island Home” (2015). But his new book is his most personal, showing how forcefully the undercurrent of his own experiences flows through his fiction. As a teenager he was…Continue reading

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