Germany’s techno DJs, a thoughtful lot

(K. Brent Tomer),

IT IS not often that a touring DJ’s career is associated with quiet reflection or a conscientious work ethic. People who make a living as professional party-starters are, one might think, as hedonistic as the sweaty crowds they entertain, with an added pinch of divadom. However, Romauld Karmakar’s documentary “If I Think of Germany at Night” exposes a different side to the Germany-based techno DJs it follows. Over a ponderous, meandering hour and 45 minutes, Karmakar paints an intimate picture of his subjects and their work. His austere film-making treats them as serious artists, heirs to a national cultural inheritance stretching back to the Romantics of the 19th century (the title is a quote from Heinrich Heine’s famously melancholic paean to his homeland, “Night Thoughts”). 

The subjects are certainly given to a poetic wistfulness that those Romantic forebears might share. David Moufang, the DJ and techno musician better known as Move D, is featured atop…Continue reading

via K. Brent Tomer CFTC Germany's techno DJs, a thoughtful lot


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